Fede Cartabia: “I’m very comfortable and happy here. This city has given me a lot”

13/08/2018 20:35

Fede Cartabia was the centre of attention in Abegondo this morning.

To begin with, the Branquiazul forward explained his decision to stay at Deportivo: “I had the chance to speak to Carmelo when I went on holidays. I told him what I thought, my opinion, if I left it’d have to be something really good for me and the Club. At this point, there were many things that did not convince me, and I thought the best thing to do was put a halt to everything and think about staying here and trying to get back to where we deserve.”

However, he did warn, “playing in Second Division isn’t easy. Many factors change. It’s not the same being in the elite competition as being in Second Division. Everything changes. I weighed lots of things up, my family... And the best thing is to stay here.”

He admitted that he had had a “very good” offer: “It makes you doubt, it makes you think, it makes you weigh everything. My wife helped me a lot, she gave me strength to think. In the end, I think it’s best to stay here.” Furthermore, without giving any names, he said it was a real offer from abroad, “with high figures.”

The Deportivista forward concluded, “you have a daughter, a family, changing the language, changing many things... I’m happy here. I have 3 more years left and I’m going give my all here.”

Fede confessed that the Club “conveyed their interest in wanting me to stay at all times. The Chairman (Tino Fernandez) called me and my agent almost every day, along with Carmelo (del Pozo). They showed a lot of interest. I’m very grateful to them. I hope to return this with positive results on the pitch.”

He does not see himself as a differential player in Dépor or in the LaLiga 1|2|3: “I’m very comfortable and happy here. This city has given me a lot. Now, in these difficult moments, we have to lend a shoulder and all row in the same direction to be able to gain the promotion, which is the most important thing.”

Along these lines, Fede Cartabia said he will “help in everything I can when it’s my turn and my place. I’m just another player in this squad that is going to try and help.”

He admitted his decision was hurried. He argued, “it’s normal. For the Club, the coach’s plan, knowing a little earlier was what made me decide quicker, for me to be calmer and more focused. I appreciate the Chairman’s persistence. He is partly to blame for me still being here.”

He assured he is “very happy” with the squad: “We have very good teammates, a very good group. It's going to be really important for Second Division, because it’s very long. We’re improving with every match, getting the coach’s concepts. We’re going to be there fighting. We’re Deportivo and we will try to go out and win in every ground.”

For the first league match against Albacete this Friday (10 pm, Gol), he expects “a very difficult match. Let’s see how it plays out. They will be eager. We will try to win. We are Deportivo.”

Despite expecting a “very long season, with its high and lows. We are going to know how to suffer and it’s obvious we’re going to try and achieve promotion, one way or another. I have faith in this project that Tino has conveyed.”

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