Fede Cartabia’s recipe for Dépor success is “to be humble, and be a tight group”

24/08/2017 20:15

Fede Cartabia was the centre of attention in Abegondo's press room this morning.

He stated that at the beginning he was “happy to be back. I had been waiting a long time for this. I’m enjoying each day as it comes along. The truth is my family is very happy, they like it here. We hope to continue growing”.

He confessed that last season in Valencia he had had “very tough moments. In the end, I got what I wanted, which was to be here”.

Regarding Saturday's clash against Levante (8:15 pm, Ciutat de Valencia), Fede Cartabia believes “it’s going to be a very difficult game. They’ve already shown they are strong in the first match against Villarreal. They have very clear ideas, they know each other well”. Thus, he predicts it is going to be a “very rough, and a very tough” match.

About last Sunday’s defeat against Real Madrid, he said “there is always something positive in every defeat. We dominated the first fifteen minutes. We had two or three chances to score. That’s what big teams have, they score with half a chance”.

Referring to the missed penalty, the Deportivista forward hopes that “whoever takes it next time, we won’t miss”. He acknowledged it would be “a nice responsibility” to take them. “It’s obvious that the one that takes it is the one that fails. I’ve failed too. It’s important to get them in because they give or take away points”, he added.

Regarding his role in this new Dépor side, he admitted “I had dificulties settling in at the beginning. I had a lot of injuries, I didn’t have continuity in my game. This pre-season started off a little badly, but little by little I began to play more. I hope to help in the chances I get. We have to be a team, which is going to be very important throughout the season”.

Asked about Rubén and Florin Andone, Fede highlighted that “when a teammate fails, we all fail. This is a team. That what top-flight sport is about”.

He prefers not to set any goals and “take each match as it comes along. Every team in first division has a very good squad. We have to be humble, be a tight group which is going to be very important, and take each match as it comes along. Time will tell us what we’re playing for”.

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