Fernando Navarro: "We're trying to find a good line of work to control the games"

28/07/2017 22:15

Fernando Navarro spoke to the press in Abegondo this morning. He described this pre-season tour through several Galician villages as “a good initiative by the Club. It spreads Deportivo's brand across the region, and it helps us get ready, complement the morning training sessions, knowing that the rivals aren’t going to make things difficult. It's ok as a physical and tactical complement”.

The European champion believes that Sunday’s game against FC Porto (8:30 pm in Spain TVG), Dépor will face “an important European team. There's a huge step between the game's we have played and Sunday's game. Let’s see how the team responds. It’s not going to tell us how we're doing, but it’s better to play against teams that demand a lot from you and make things difficult for you, despite having less chances of winning”.

Therefore, Navarro warned that in the second part of the pre-season against FC Porto, Oviedo, West Bromwich Albion and Tenerife, “we’ll be able to see the faults we may have more clearly, or what needs to be improved. I prefer to know where we stand and play against complicated teams that show you what the team is missing, that against lower division teams. For us, as a group, it will be better, despite it being more difficult to win. That’s how we’ll be tackling the last part of the pre-season”.

The Deportivista defender, just like Pepe Mel, said that “the aim is to try and be protagonists, to attack more than defend, but in the end, you can only do what they let you. That’s what we’re doing, we're trying to find a good line of work to control the games, knowing the limits and difficulties we may have”.

Asked about the first league match, against Real Madrid, Navarro believes that “we have to play against everyone. In this case Real Madrid is the first match, the current Champions League and Liga champion. It’s the most difficult rival we could have".

Regarding his professional future, the Deportivista international admitted “the older you get, the nearer the end”. He highlighted that this season, his third for Dépor, he is “excited, and keen to contribute to the team. When you reach a certain age, you have to look at things on a yearly basis, seeing if injuries have been kind, if you’re still motivated...there are many factors that influence prolonging your career. At the moment, I’m excited and my legs can still take more years”.

About the newcomers, he highlighted that “they’ve come eager to work, to contribute, to improve. With these three premises, it's easier to grow”; in spite of the fact that “it’s too early to rate them because we haven’t had rivals with the same competitive level”.

Regarding the team, he said “there's still things left to do. All the teams, especially those in the bottom half of the table, complete their squads at the end of the pre-season. Those three or four players that give you stability or a little more level haven't arrived yet. There will be twelve teams that are going to find it difficult, and as they say, the one that reinforces the team better, who makes the best signings, will be the one that suffers the least”.