Garitano: “The players have told me it’s a blatant penalty”

28/01/2017 21:46

Gaizka Garitano highlighted in Eibar’s press room that Dépor was “defensively weak and they are strong in the opposing area. That’s where they were better than us”.

The Deportivista coach believes that “we didn’t start the match well. We got better as it went on”.

However, he emphasized that in the second half “we had 20 minutes in which we could have drawn. We had several clear opportunities. It’s a shame to end 3-1”.

Regarding the possible penalty on Çolak when Deportivo was dominating the match, Garitano said, “the players have told me it’s blatant. From the bench, I have my opinion but it’s bias as I’m Dépor’s trainer”.