Garitano: "The players train magnificently. The team is focused, level-headed"

17/02/2017 21:03

With just a little under 24 hours to go for tomorrow’s home game against Alavés (6:30pm, Bein Sports), Gaizka Garitano highlighted that the Deportivista players “are working very well. Everyone’s behaviour is magnificent, in terms of work and responsibility. In that sense, I give them a 10. I can’t complain about that. Everyone is contributing as much as they can”.

However, according to the Deportivista coach, “we now have to prove this on the pitch; everything we’ve been doing well up until now, also has to be reflected in the results. We’ve come close to that not just once, but many times. Let’s see if one day we can play badly but win”.

He believes that “we’re rewarded very little for what we actually do, and in the end, that brings you down. Not being rewarded for what you do has a negative impact. But the players see that they’re doing well, they’re close, they’re doing good things. The sensations are better than the results. That also has to motivate them. It’s obvious we have to polish a few things, but they feel they’re able to beat anyone, anywhere, that also encourages them to carry on.

Nonetheless, he states that “the team needs a triumph, the fans too. For the work we do, we’re not getting rewarded. It’s a bummer, but we have to carry on. The team has the ability to win, and it will get there. I’m confident that the results are going to come”.

He insisted that the players “train magnificently, the team is focused, level-headed, and knows that there is an important game tomorrow that we have to win”.

After last Saturday’s defeat in San Mamés, Garitano highlighted that “we have to change some things, some details, and improve some things we’ve already spoken about. But I don’t see changing everything from top to bottom right now”.

Asked about ‘the other football’, he thinks “we’re not good. One thing is to play football, and another is to do things well defensively. We have to manage those final minutes, that ‘other football’. In that sense, we’re a team that hardly commit fouls or get booked. We have to improve that. Everyone has to do a little bit more, it’s neither a matter of sacrifice nor order”.

Referring to the three matches against Alavés this season (league and Copa del Rey), he said that “the matches we played were very equal. We’ve played them three times and drawn three times. Away, they concede very few goals. It’s a very competitive team”.

About what lies ahead for Deportivo, with four matches in the space of 10 days in March (the postponed Betis match included), he said, “we can neither choose nor complain now. Right now, for us it's win, win, win, and the only thing we must think about is winning tomorrow”.