Garitano: "This Dépor doesn’t throw in the towel"

04/01/2017 00:00

Our coach, Gaizka Garitano, highlighted that this Deportivo "doesn’t throw in the towel" because "it believes in what it does" and was pleased because the tie against Alavés “is open” for the second leg match.

"The tie is open, as we already predicted, it will be decided in Mendizorroza. They took the lead with goals in crucial minutes, right at the start, and just before half-time. The team managed to overcome itself and leave the tie open”.

Garitano continued to analyse the match: "We didn’t have a good first-half. They found their goals in two isolated actions. It was a very equal match until 0-2, and from the 15th or 20th minute, we were superior”. He then added, “The team believes in what it does, it is driven. Any other team 0-2 down, and having a match on Friday, would have thrown in the towel, but this Dépor doesn’t throw in the towel”.

Garitano preferred not to comment on Ibai Gómez’s blatant penalty on Juanfran. However, on Óscar Pinchi’s performance he said “he has given the team spirit”.

Alavés’ coach, Mauricio Pellegrino, said that Dépor’s strength in dead-ball situations equalised a match, in which his team had a good hour’s performance.

“Our first half and second 15 minutes were good. In the last 30 minutes we gave away too much space, we couldn’t keep the ball, we defended too many dead balls, and that’s where Dépor is strong”. The Argentine coach stated, “the tie is the same as at the beginning, it’s open for both teams”.