Guilherme: “I want to thank Dépor for counting on me and I hope to give my best, for both of us to be happy”

08/07/2017 13:44

Guilherme spoke to the press in Abegondo this morning, after a “very tough training session with the ball and then a fitness workout. It’s worth it. We now have the afternoon off and all day tomorrow. Now it’s time to rest”, he explained.

On a personal note, he admitted he is “very happy for signing for Dépor. My idea is to do our best so we can have a good championship”.

Whilst his signing for Dépor for the next four years took place, he was “in Brazil. My agent called me and told me everything was good. I was happy because when I arrived here (last season), I said I wanted to continue here”.

However, he admitted that he was concerned during the waiting time: “I didn’t know whether I was coming here or returning to Udinese. Thank God everything turned out alright. It was the objective I had in mind and I managed to gain it. I want to thank Dépor for counting on me and I hope to give my best, for both of us to be happy”

Consequently, he also acknowledged he has “the responsibility to improve. I’m going to try and do my best for the Club. When I came I was worried about trying to be better to stay. Now that I have a contract I’m more relaxed to play with more responsibility. Try to do it better than last season”, he added.

Guilherme, who was one of the star players last season, promised the fans “the same as last year, commitment to the team, and have better games”.

Along these lines, the Brazilian midfielder expects the season to be “better than the last one. We have good players to do this. We also had them last season and we didn’t achieve it. We have to have confidence to be in the safe positions of the table That’s our objective”.

He is not afraid of the competition in his position, on the contrary, Guilherme believes that “the objective is the group, not the individuals. I hope that whoever plays does their best for the Club”.

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