Guilherme urges for “everyone to be united and give each other strength”

24/04/2018 20:43

Guilherme was the centre of attention in Abegondo this afternoon.

The Brazilian midfielder, one of Deportivo’s regulars this season, admitted that the situation is “difficult. But we have to play our role as men, with families.”

Guilherme insisted that people must be realistic and that the possibilities of remaining in Primera “are complicated. But as the boss says, the math says we have possibilities.”

He believes that this Sunday’s match at the ABANCA-RIAZOR (8:45 pm, Movistar Partidazo) against FC Barcelona, “is very difficult. It doesn’t matter that they’ve won the Copa. We're also aware that if we lose we may relegate. We have to play our game, with our heads held high, playing our best. That’s what’s most important."

In his opinion, “it’s partly everyone’s fault, otherwise we wouldn’t be in this situation. It’s not the moment to pin the blame on anyone. Everyone has to think about what they’ve done. There are 4 games left and we have to come out of them with our heads held high.”

He recalled that since Clarence Seedorf’s arrival, “we have begun to play good matches. We deserved to win before we did. Unfortunately, we began to win too late. Now, patience, work, think and try to do our best. Many of us have families, and we have to come out with our heads held high.”

Guilherme said, “we're all human, we know it’s difficult and we’re down. But the boss is doing a great job; he tries to lift us up and we try to work the same way we’ve been doing. That’s what we're trying to do, work the same way, merrily. Trying to do our best, everyone united and give each other strength.”

Regarding his future, the Brazilian midfielder recalled he has a contract until 2021: “I have a contract here. There are holidays, but I will have to come back again. The Club has to see what can happen, but I have a contract and I’m going to return.”

Furthermore, asked about the possibility of playing in Segunda, he was to the point: “I have a contract here and I don't have a problem.”

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