Juanfran: "I owe Deportivo a lot and whatever it wants from me it shall have"

27/07/2017 12:54

Juanfran spoke to the press in Abegondo this morning.

The Deportivista right-back admitted that during the past few weeks he had “options to go to Turkey, Russia, Belgim, France. Richard (Barral) knew about this from the beginning. But we had no intention of leaving. I’m very happy here and I would only leave if the Club or coach didn’t want me here”.

Along these lines, he stated that he is “delighted” in A Coruña: “My daughter was born here 7 months ago, she’s Galician, a Deportivo member since she was 10 days old. I have no reason to leave, I never did. I’m happy, I’m still moving forward”.

He said, “I’m lucky to have been here for three years and to have played over 100 matches. I want to continue making my own history here, and try to help Deportivo return to where it deserves”.

Asked about if the Club suggested selling him, Juanfran was honest: “I’m an asset. I feel the Club like my own. I’m not a Deportivista from birth but I’ve been here three years. The biggest thing in my life, which is my daughter, is from here. And she definitely is a Deportivista from birth. If the Club thinks it’s best that Juanfran leaves, Juanfran will always do what's best for this Club. I owe Deportivo a lot and whatever it wants from me it shall have”.

Regarding the pre-season, the Branquiazul number ‘2’ highlighted that “we can’t give it any compliments just yet because the rivals are from lower divisions”. However, he highlighted that the newcomers “Have come willing to work. Everyone that has come pays attention in training and are willing, willing, willing”.

As one of the dressing room’s veterans, Juanfran said “it would be an honour to be Deportivo's captain. But we have one, Pedro Mosquera, who everyone respects and he will continue being captain. Another one that still has to come, which is Lucas, and let’s hope he comes. And I have my own favourite which is Celso Borges, for what he’s like as a footballer, as a person, as a professional. He is an example for everyone”.

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