Juanfran: "I want us to be saved at 3 pm on Saturday"

04/05/2017 20:40

Juanfran spoke to the press in Riazor this morning. He understands why the supporters are angry with the team’s progress: “People want hope, they want joy, and unfortunately we’re not giving them any of that right now. It’s normal that they're complaining. I respect that, my teammates respect that. This is a group that for better or for worse everybody wants to do things, everybody is willing, everybody has been available for the coach with pain, with injuries. Nobody has backed out. That’s the important thing. It’s a good group. We’re going to achieve our objective which is a small objective, but we’re going to do it. It hasn’t been a brilliant season, but we’re going to achieve our objective”.

Depor’s right-winger pointed out that “we were unable to keep two of our best players, which was the case of Lucas in summer, and if Lucas had been here we wouldn’t be speaking about this situation. At Christmas it was Babel, and if Babel had stayed we all agree that Deportivo would have more points, because he is very good player and he made the team much better. We couldn’t keep them because Deportivo doesn’t have that sort of money, and from there on, we’ve had to suffer”.

He highlighted that “those two players were the ones that made a difference and made you grow. We’ve suffered, worked, and nobody has given up, we’re still here. But Babel and Lucas made the difference. That’s the truth”.

When asked about his future, Juanfran replied that “Deportivo haven’t made anything official yet. I’m hoping that they make my signing official because words can go with the wind. I have no intention of leaving. If Deportivo want the contrary, it’s Deportivo’s decision. My intention is to continue. My home is here in Coruña, my daughter is from Coruña. I’m happy here”.

He stated that “I’ve given my all for Deportivo, I give my all. I really hope to continue here. It’s tough not being able to make our fans happy and see them travel far to Pamplona and watch us not being able to win. It’s really tough. We understand that the supporters are more upset than us because they have Deportivo in their hearts”.

When asked about the objective of remaining in First Division, Depor’s right-winger said he wants to “be saved at 3 pm on Saturday”. At that time the match between Sporting and UD Las Palmas will have finished in El Molinón, and if the team from Asturias don’t win, Dépor would be mathematically saved no matter what happens in the remaining matches. “The season is being really hard, our supporters are suffering and we don’t want them to suffer. We’re suffering. As much as I don’t want things to go badly for my colleagues from Sporting or any other team, I honestly want us to be saved on Saturday at 3 pm”, he added.

With all this said, he hopes that on Sunday’s game against Espanyol (6:30 pm, Bein Sports), “we can give our fans a victory to celebrate staying in first division. It’s fundamental for the Club to save itself and the sooner, the better”.

He admitted that “it's nerve-wracking, there’s a lot of pressure. We think it’s easy to achieve a victory and save ourselves, and when it’s so close it’s very complicated and we’re finding it difficult”.

To gain the three points on Sunday, he thinks it is vital “to be really focused in the first minutes, not concede any goals and to be active until the 90th minute, and to have the option to win there. Keep close, intense and be aggressive”.

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