Krohn-Dehli: "We have a very good group and there's a good atmosphere"

09/01/2019 20:39

Michael Krohn-Dehli was the centre of attention in Abegondo's press room this morning.

The Danish international stated he does not mind playing in Second Division: "It would be better to be playing with Dépor in First Division, but this is what there is. I'm happy here, with the group and everything. I have no problem with playing in Second Division."

He insisted he is happy in A Coruña: "My reason for wanting to leave last Summer wasn't because we were in Second Division. It was because of something personal; my family is living in Holland. I'm here now and we have an objective, and so have I, which is for Dépor to be playing in Primera next season."

He believes LaLiga 1|2|3 is a "tough competition. It's a high level of competition. The teams aren't bad."

Regarding the team's current situation, Michael believes "we also need luck on our side. The other day (against CD Lugo at the ABANCA-RIAZOR) we played quite well. We can improve, for sure, but we didn't play badly and we need a little more luck for the ball to go in."

He said that Dépor "needs to win away. We have to be more reliable away too." He acknowledged that being 3 months without winning an away match can have a mental toll on the players: "Everything's much easier when you win," he concluded.

He does not think the team is going through a bad patch: "I'd worry more if we didn't create any chances. We created quite a few last Saturday. We needed a little, although it's something we must pursue ourselves. I'm not going to say we're going through a crisis; that's not the case."

Along these lines, he believes the team is "fine. We have a very good group and there's a good atmosphere." The Branquiazul midfielder reflected and said he could do more: "I've come back from the holidays with a good feeling. I'm better than 2 months ago. I hope I can do more in the second half of the league."

He avoided making any comments on this week's appointed referee, Ais Reig, who sent off Pablo Marí, Borja Valle and Natxo González at the last Deportivo-Córdoba game: "I don't have any opinion in particular. It's another match and there's no problem."

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