La Opinion contributes to Dépor's Capital Share Increase with 26,000 €; one euro for every Club member

15/01/2017 17:17

Real Club Deportivo's Capital Share Increase is in its final stretch. Next Tuesday 31 January, the fifth and final stage open to all citizens and businesses, will come to an end. Until that day, every Deportivista from anywhere in the world, can buy Real Club Deportivo shares and become the owners of a Club with more than 25,000 shareholders.

All those who want to take part in Deportivo's capital share increase, can purchase up to 1,500 shares (each share costs 60,10€) through the website, odeporeteu.gal or at our Dépor Supporters Office in Riazor Stadium, open Monday to Friday from 10am to 1:30pm and 4:30pm to 7pm.

So far, the latest to inject capital has been 'La Opinion de A Coruña'. The local daily newspaper has become a shareholder with an investment of 26,000 euros in shares, with a symbolic contribution of one euro for every Club member Dépor has to this day. This way, not only does it become part of Real Club Deportivo's structure, it also wants to encourage Club members, Deportivistas, and A Coruña citizens in general, to participate before the campaign finishes.

Tino Fernandez expressed his gratitude for ‘La Opinion's’ investment: "It is important that companies that are aware of Deportivo's importance, invest in this campaign that ends on the 31st. It is a very nice gesture. We are very happy to have shareholders that want to expand their relationship with Deportivo, as well as with new shareholders. We are in the last month of the campaign and hopefully, this will help remind people that we are going through this capital share increase, and it will also encourage them to participate and collaborate as much as they can. This is a collective project and requires the participation of individuals, supporters, people in general, but also of the institutions, and especially from companies who share Deportivo's sentiment and are aware of its importance. This mixed model made up of fans and companies, but with local roots, is what we need, what we want and what is working in Deportivo".