Lucas: “A win would help us see the light at the end of the tunnel”

15/03/2018 19:04

Lucas Perez was the centre of attention in Abegondo this morning.

Regarding Saturday’s match at the Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR against UD Las Palmas (1 pm, Bein LaLiga), Lucas Perez stated, “it’s against a direct rival. The squad, the coaching staff, the Football Management department, the Chairman, and everyone is completely aware of that.”

He believes that Xulio Ferreiro’s visit (Mayor of A Coruña), was “very important to see that he also suffers, feels the same, like the majority of the people in the city.” The public cheers, supports you, it’s something I’ve experienced from the very first minute I arrived here.”

On a personal level, he confessed he is “disappointed with the way things are going on a personal level as well as collectively. I’m sad because I was really looking forward to this season going well for the team, and for myself too. It’s logical for people like my teammates and myself to be disappointed.”

In his opinion, “things don’t turn out well because the team's dynamic has not been very good throughout the year. As a group, things haven’t turned as we had hoped. It’s something that’s been dragging for some time and it affects me personally as well as my teammates. It’s something we have to solve in order to pull this off.”

He thanked “the fans’ affection and support since the day I arrived. Now it’s normal that people are disappointed in me. I’m the first person disappointed in myself, in my performance. Also, towards my teammates, I’m not well, I try to solve this each day in training by making an effort and improving. Things haven’t turned out well this year.”

He confessed that “what my teammates and I need is a win. We haven’t had a win in 3 months and it’s something we're all wishing for. The whole team would change with a win, moodwise, physically it’s that little something that would help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.” “It’s normal we need a victory to carry on working like we’re doing. We’re working hard every day in Abegondo. It’s what there is. The squad needs that win for its self-esteem, its mood, to believe in ourselves again,” he added.

Lucas highlighted that to win on Saturday, “we need everyone’s best version and to carry on working like we’ve been doing so far.”

Dépor's number 7 explained that “I was raised and taught since I was a kid that work, making an effort, perseverance and consistency is what helps you achieve success. I left home when I was very young. Thanks to that I am where I am now, in this current situation whether it’s for better or for worse. But I’m very proud and I’m not going to stop making an effort, working every day on a personal level as well as for my teammates and for the Club, which belongs to my city, my home.”

Asked about the fans, he insisted that, “the most important pillar of this Club is neither its history nor it’s titles, but its social mass. It’s one of the very few Clubs in the world that has achieved what it’s achieved thanks to its fans.”

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