Lucas and Andone believe this result “strengthens the group”

30/09/2017 16:58

Lucas Pérez and Florin Andone, today’s goal scorers, spoke to the press in Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR's mixed zone.

The Coruña striker stated “we’re very happy. After the result we brought back from Barcelona, we’re very happy and very calm. The group is united. We knew we could do it”.

In his opinion, the way the game went, coming back from Getafe’s goal in the second half, “it strengthens the group even more”.

Our number ‘7’ insisted, “when we win, we all win and when we lose, we all lose". “Deportivo is made up by the whole squad, the coaching staff, the medical staff, physiotherapists, chairman and management team. Nobody does their own thing. Mel isn’t to blame for everything. Here, it’s everyone’s fault”, he added.

Florin Andone said, “thank God I was lucky enough to score a goal and it served to win the match. I’m very happy because we needed it”.

The Romanian international said that the result “strengthens us mentally because it’s the second consecutive home win, and that’s important for us”.

Andone believes “the team played well. We had many chances in the first half. Guaita had an extremely good game. He saved many attempts. If it weren’t for him, the fairest result would have been 4-1 or 5-1. We were very superior, we deserved the victory. Just look how unpredictable football is. The winner was scored about the 90th minute”.