Luis César: "We're getting closer. We're defending a bit better"

01/12/2019 20:40

Luis César highlighted at the Anxo Carro press room, that the match was "disputed, even. Both teams tried to win and were unable to score. We lacked quality when reaching the box. We don't make the most of our goal scoring opportunities. We missed the chances to hurt Lugo."

The Deportivista coach acknowledged that "to win games we have to score one more goal than our opponents, and we're not doing this."

He stated he is not happy "because I obviously wanted to win. I want to win match after match. We're defending well and we're counter-attacking well, but we're not converting those chances. We have to score one more goal than our rivals in order to win, but if you keep a clean sheet, one goal may be enough."

Luis César stressed that after two consecutive games without conceding goals, "we're getting closer. We're defending a little better." "We're playing differently and since we've played this way we haven't lost. It doesn't comfort me because I want to win, obviously. If we don't win, and we haven't done so in a long time, everything gets more complicated. We have to get that win no matter how. If it can be this week in front of our crowd, so be it. This team hasn't won since the first fixture, that's why we're in this situation, evidently."

The former CD Lugo coach commented, "we all want it so much, the fans, the professionals, you the journalists, we all want the team to win so much that when we don't, we don't value anything. Winning here isn't easy. Coming here isn't easy. Playing in this ground isn't easy. I'm telling you as I used to train here. Playing here is complicated for the away team."

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