Luisinho and Adrián López, upset in the mixed zone after today’s defeat

10/09/2017 15:36

Luisinho and Adrián López spoke to the press in Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR's mixed zone.

The Deportivista full-back commented he cannot explain what happened this morning against Real Sociedad: “We gave away the first ten, fifteen minutes. We know the rival is good and when you let your guard down, it’s difficult. We then did the most difficult thing which was equalising the match. And in the final minutes we lost in another set piece and a counter-attack. Now there’s nothing left but to think about the next match against Betis and win”.

Luisinho believes that the nine goals the team has conceded “are a lot of goals. We can’t afford that. The teams in the league are very good. We cannot afford to concede so many goals”.

Adrián López, who was in today’s line-up and scored, confessed he was “sad for losing three important points. The game was a little crazy. It went uphill in the first minutes with the two goals they scored so quickly. We then had to make a huge effort, we reacted well and we managed to equalise. We got them to go deep for quite a long time. We were unable to last the last fifteen minutes”.

After drawing, the Asturian striker believes “we made a huge effort to equalise 2-2 which evened the match again. They have good, long, ball possession. We made a very big effort to draw and that set piece gave them the lead and has left us unsatisfied”.

He also believes that “scoring is always good for strikers, for those of us who play up front. It always gives you confidence, but it’s a pity that it didn’t do any good, to at least get one point. It would have been much better if the team had won points”.