Luisinho believes, “We have the squad to pull this off,” but “we have to be united”

15/02/2018 20:49

Luisinho spoke to the press in Abegondo this morning. Regarding Saturday’s upcoming fixture against Alaves in Mendizorroza (6:30 pm, Bein LaLiga), he stated, “we need points. Against Betis, in the new coach’s first match, we were looking forward to winning and beginning a new era. It's an important match now, but the rest are also important.”

Precisely about Mendizorroza, the Deportivista defender pointed out “it’s a difficult ground. It’s a tight ground. And this factor matters a lot. It’s going to be a match where we have to be focused from the first minute to the last. We know about the difficulties we’re going to encounter, because if they win they will climb a lot. That's why they're going to press from the start.”

He wished “not to concede any goals. The team against Betis had a different attitude. We were in the game. And you come out with zero points. We have to score. Every match is going to be difficult from now on, we’re going to be under an extremely demanding pressure and we're going to be able to handle it. It's the only way out of this situation."

For this reason, he perceives a certain anxiety in the dressing room: “It’s normal that the team is anxious because nothing is going as it should this season. When you concede a goal it’s normal for anxiety to increase. We’re professionals, with experience in this area. Only we can get the Club out of this situation."

Just like every time he speaks to the press, Luisinho insisted that “we have the squad to get out of this situation. You have to believe in us, have faith that it’s still possible to pull this off.”

But he warned “we have to fight, not give up. There are fifteen fixtures left. Each game is going to be different and the pressure and difficulty will increase with each one. We cannot give up.  We know we have to start gaining points as quickly as possible.”

Asked about Clarence Seedorf, Luisinho highlighted that the Dutch coach “is a person with a positive mentality. He believes it's possible to get the team out of this situation. He knows the team has ability to do so. However, technical skill isn’t enough. We have to give more, we have to be more solidary, be more united. It's the only way we can pull this off. There are fifteen games left, and a lot of points in play. If we unite and we become aware of the reality we're in, it’s possible to recover.”

Finally, in Luisinho’s opinion, “it’s not normal” that for the fourth season in a row Dépor is fighting to avoid relegation: “It can happen one year, but four or five...it’s because something’s not being done right. We can’t just blame the group. We acknowledge part of it is our fault, because we’re on the pitch, we're the ones that make decisions, the ones that make mistakes. But someone has to assume full responsibility for these years.”

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