Luisinho described today's match as unfair and Borges believes the team has “come out stronger”

04/11/2017 19:23

Luisinho and Celso Borges were the centre of attention in ABANCA-RIAZOR’s mixed zone.

The Portuguese left-back believes that today’s defeat was “sad for us. We had the match under control. We were a little superior in the first half, and in the second, Atlético levelled the game. In a dead ball situation, one detail, and Atlético take 3 points.”

For this reason, Luisinho, who received a thunderous ovation when he came off for Fernando Navarro, emphasized that “a draw would’ve been fair. Football is sometimes a little unfair and now we have to hold our heads up.”

The Deportivista defender insisted “we knew the match would come down to small details. And there it goes, a dead ball, in the 90th minute. We cannot allow that when the match is about to end. We’re here to learn.”

Celso Borges before anything else, told the media he had suffered “a contusion that forced me out, but nothing serious.”

Regarding the encounter, the Branquiazul midfielder said, “I have nothing bad to say. Losing in the last minute is always difficult to bear. But for our own feedback, we’ve come out stronger this week.”

However, Borges warned that “in these types of games we have to make points. When it’s not like that, we come out hurt.”