Luisinho: "The way is to work, believe it’s possible, knowing the difficulties we have ahead of us"

14/01/2018 13:33

Luisinho spoke to the press in Abegondo this morning. He acknowledged that the team is “in a situation where there’s little room for failure. Now, we must turn over a new leaf. We know things aren’t going well, but there’s no other way but to work.”

The Deportivista left-back stated, “we can’t fail in every match. It’s normal there’s a certain anxiety. Now there’s no other way but to be positive and try and pull this through as quickly as possible.”

He understands the fans’ disappointment: “It’s normal that their angry because the team hasn’t won many games. We feel the same. We don’t want to be in this situation. But there's no other way other than working and believing it's possible to get through this,” he highlighted.

He insisted that people “have the right to an opinion. What we have to do is work. We don't want this. We’re in a situation the squad doesn’t want to be in. The Club doesn’t deserve to go through this. Us players have to pull this through. We put the team down there, and now it's our job to get it out of the zone it’s in. It’s not going to be easy. But the way is to work, believe it’s possible, knowing the difficulties we have ahead of us."

Asked about yesterday’s individual mistakes against Valencia CF, Luisinho said, “we’re with them more than ever. The group is united. There’s no other way now. We have a difficult game against Real Madrid on Sunday (4:15 pm, Bein LaLiga). Let’s see if we can get something positive out of there.”

He emphasized that the team is not afraid of the Santiago Bernabeu match, however he believes “our situation isn’t the most idyllic one to go to Madrid and play. We're in a situation in which every game is difficult. We want to make points in every match because we have few. It’s not the ideal match for this weekend. But it’s what there is. The dressing room is upset over yesterday’s defeat. The team played to at least deserve a draw. But that’s football."

He warned that the team’s objective this season “is more difficult than other years. The teams are more equal, and the second round isn’t going to be easy. We have to make quite a few points. We have few. And this begins on Saturday. From now on, each point is worth gold, and we cannot fail. Things are getting complicated and we have to take each match as it comes along, trying to scratch points.”

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