Luisinho: “We have a squad more than sufficient to have a calmer season”

30/08/2017 21:35

Luisinho stated in Abegondo’s press room this morning that “we have a squad more than sufficient to have a calmer season”.

However, he warned “it only depends on us. We're the ones on the pitch, we’re the ones that have to represent the Club”.

Regarding the point gained in Valencia last Saturday, he regretted that “with the way the match went, we could have gained three points. We knew beforehand it was going to be a difficult match".

He believes that this competition break comes at a good time for them “to think, and work on things we didn’t achieve these last two games. We have to work hard this week and prepare another difficult match against Real Sociedad”.

The Portuguese player has been in the Club for five seasons, thus the journalists asked him about not being the team's captain: “I wasn’t chosen. When you're not chosen, what can you do? I’ve been here for five years, I’ve been here the longest, and you hope for it because of the time you’ve been here, for the bad moments, for the good moments. You look forward to being captain. But if you're not chosen, you're not going to put a gun to your teammates’, or whoever chooses, heads. For me, the subject’s over”.

Luisinho took the chance in his press conference to send Carles Gil a message of support: “He’s not having a good time. An injury is always something negative for any player. For him even more, because he was about to train with the team. It’s sad to have to stop again. Sending him best wishes. We’re here for whatever he needs. I hope he comes back stronger”.

He confessed that his renewal “is on the right track. The time will come to extend it”.

He does not think the team is unready to compete after the last two matches: “They are different games. We knew the first one against Real Madrid was going to be a difficult match. We’re not going to kid ourselves. It wasn’t easy against Levante either. Now, after the match, we could have done something more. We are aware we didn’t play well in Levante, we gave the match away from the first to the last minute. We snatched a point, which isn’t bad. We have to work so that doesn’t happen again”.

Two league matches and in the starting XI, the Portuguese left-back thanked Pepe Mel for counting on him: “The coach has always shown he counts on me, from the very first day he arrived here. You feel the coach’s faith in you and you begin to do well. But you can’t relax. The position doesn’t belong to anyone. You have to work every day. If I can’t play, another person can play in my place and do what I do”.

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