Mel highlights Dépor's reaction after coming back from 0-2: “They had character and they went for the match”

10/09/2017 15:26

Pepe Mel stated in Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR’s press room that “the match began badly. They took a free kick quickly which caught us badly positioned, and they scored their first. Another free-kick and they score their second. Your giving too much advantage beginning the match like that against a team like this. However, the team did the most complicated, difficult thing, which was equalising and doing it well”.

The Deportivista coach highlighted that “the last 25 minutes of the first half were extremely good. We forced Real to play deep. We were able to control all aspects of the game. We scored, a beautiful goal by the way, and we began the second half the same way".

Mel stated that “about the 70th minute, we began to run out of fuel due to the effort made. We made a brutal effort to try and equalise the match. In the end, they scored their third in another dead ball situation”.

Along these lines, he does not want to forget Deportivo's ability to react: “I’m happy with the fact that the team was losing by two goals and they knew how to react, they had character and they went for the match. They managed to draw. I can’t be satisfied with conceding four goals and losing the match”.

Eusebio Sacristan, Real Sociedad’s coach, stated that the match “had alternatives. It began really well for us. We found ourselves in the lead by two goals with just a few minutes into the game. That out the match in our favour. From then on, Dépor began controlling the match, they forced us back into our box, and gave us a difficult time. They scored the 1-2 and did well at the end of the first half, where we saw they could draw at any time".

After the interval, the Basque side’s coach explained that “Dépor’s work at the end of the first half reached its peak when they scored their second goal. They used up a lot of energy. It was a difficult moment for us. Once more, the team overcame themselves by regaining control, by doing what we like most, and we felt more comfortable by taking the initiative. It forced Dépor back into their box. By persevering with our game, we had more chances, Dépor were more tired so they couldn’t create many counter-attacks. We received the victory prize”.

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