Mel: “The team shifted gears in the second half”

15/04/2017 16:18

RC Deportivo’s coach, Pepe Mel, stated that his team were “lucky” to score at the beginning of the second half and from then on “they shifted gears” and that is why they “deserved to win”.

When asked about what the win against Málaga CF meant, he replied, “we’ve changed digits, we’ve moved on to three, which was our obsession. It’s winning a game with no goals conceded. It’s scoring two goals. It’s a little confidence for footballers that needed it”.

“We were lucky to score at the beginning of the second half. You see everything a little better, you see that you are capable, that you can beat the rival you’re facing. The team shifted gears in the second half and I think they won deservedly”, he added.

Asked about the players booked during today’s game and suspended for the next, Mel was honest: “If we’re left without three and we have three points, I don’t care. What’s important is that they tackled, they competed”.

Regarding the team’s game, the coach stated, “the Deportivo I dream about is not in Coruña and I’m not expecting it yet”.

Málaga’s coach, José Miguel González ‘Míchel’, said his team “lacked passion” against a Dépor that “played all their cards” and “is in a calmer situation now”.

“The team lacked passion, funny it being Easter and all. We played any old how, and I cannot allow that. Dépor played their cards; to not make mistakes and for us to do so. We made mistakes and fromthat moment it all went uphill for us”.

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