Michele Somma: "I'm very happy in A Coruña and I would like to continue"

26/03/2020 20:10

Michele Somma gave a virtual press conference today.

The Deportivista defender, who is recovering at home in Italy from his knee surgery, confirmed the conversation between him and Richard Barral regarding his renewal: "It's now his turn to talk with my agent. There are more important things right now. I am happy in A Coruña and I would like to continue. It's going to depend on many things."

He assured his recovery "is going marvellously well. We're on the right track. There's still a lot left, but the worst is over. One must always be positive. I'm very happy because my knee is responding well each day. I'm happy and it's time to work." 

He commented that this first part of the recovery "was supposed to be carried out in Italy. Especially the first month after the operation. Now, with everything that's happening, I can't return to Spain. I'm going to remain here until everything calms down and I can return."

Michele has faith that the lockdown will not slow down his progress, although he acknowledged "working this way has a little influence on everything. I go to a physiotherapist for treatment every day; always with a mask and gloves. I don't think there's a problem. Working out in a gym is different, but there are plenty of ways to work and I'm calm."

He explained that throughout this stage "I have to work with some pain and discomfort. The physical aspect is complicated. I'm very happy because I feel really well. Everything's going great. From a mental point of view, I find it difficult to focus because I keep on thinking about football, my knee, my family, my friends. My mind wanders a lot. I have to work to return." 

The Italian centre-back insisted his objective is "compete again, return to training daily, feel how I used to before the injury. This for me is what's most important." 

Regarding this season's future, in Somma's opinion, it would be best to "finish the league. But what matters most now is every player and person's health. This is the most important thing.  We shall see which is the best way to finish once this is all over. It would be fair to finish, but if this situation goes on for much longer, I don't know. It's a doubt everyone has all over the world." 

He described the current moment due to the coronavirus pandemic as "sad and unpleasant": "I trust the doctors. They know better than anyone else what's going on. Every time they tell us to 'stay home', 'don't go out', I urge everyone to trust those that know best. Only this way can we overcome this. I hope this passes soon because it's a sad moment for the entire world." 

Michele recalled the moment he was injured against Girona FC at the ABANCA-RIAZOR: "I realised straight away because I'd already had this injury before and I knew what was going on. The fact that I covered my face and cried was more due to me feeling overwhelmed than pain. It's over now, I have to work and return as quickly and as strong as possible." 

He pointed out that the team's results after his injury "were not what everyone expected. I have faith in my teammates, I have their backs. They are going to get through this and turn this around, just like in the first 6 or 7 games after the first leg. We're going to carry on earning points and we will pull this off."