Miku returns to the squad for tomorrow's clash at the ABANCA-RIAZOR

12/12/2020 13:01

Miku returns to Fernando Vázquez's 18-man squad for tomorrow's clash at the ABANCA-RIAZOR against RC Celta B (5pm, TVG).

Keko and Derik are ruled out due to injury. The Branquiazul coach spoke about both players in yesterday's press conference: "Derik will definitely train with us next week. And Keko too. We hope to have fewer injuries next week. If they're going to play in the Copa del Rey or in the Teresa Herrera Trophy we shall confirm it later on. But initially, it's very close. We're happy this is the case."

Lara is also ruled out due to a two-match for picking up a red card last week in Pontevedra. Fernando Vázquez even considers his "sending off excessive. The rules say that football is an eleven-a-side match and therefore you can only send off a player for something serious. At that moment I did not believe the situation deserved a red card. To top it all, if it's two games, I don't want to tell you how the rules are written. From two games to four. You can hardly appeal because that's the way the rules are written and the referee wrote down what he had to write. We have to bear it. I think this is an attack. Depriving a determined player of football...imagine he were Messi, that you deprive him of playing 2 games because of something silly, I think it's absurd. I saw that the ref was too nervous throughout the match. When a ref is nervous and it seems he is overwhelmed, these things happen." he commented.  


30 MAY

Tuesday 10:30 Abegondo

Training session

Fields 2-3