Mollejo, Salva Ruiz and Jovanović highlight Dépor's "great history" and their "spectacular fans"

06/09/2019 13:30

Víctor Mollejo Carpintero (Quintanar de la Orden, Toledo, 21 January 2001), Salvador Ruiz Rodríguez (Albal, Valencia, 17 May 1995) and Saša Jovanović (Lazarevac, Serbia, 15 December 1991) were presented this morning as new Dépor players.

After posing for the media on pitch number 1 accompanied by Carmelo del Pozo, they spoke in the press room.

In the first place, Mollejo stated that he had asked the national squad for permission "to be here as soon as possible. I'm glad to have this new opportunity and I hope to show what I'm worth."

He confessed that having Montero, his teammate also in Atlético de Madrid B, "helps a lot. We've been together for 6 years, not in the same team, practically spending all hours of the day together. It helps me a lot."

He commented that he faced the time prior to his signing "calm. I'm 18 years old, I wasn't planning to leave. But when I was presented with the opportunity to come to Depor, I knew I wanted to come here. It wasn't hard waiting until the last day. I felt at home in Atlético de Madrid. Luckily, it went well and I'm here, which is what I wanted."

On his behalf, Jovanović highlighted being "very happy to be here. I've signed a contract with Dépor, such a big club, with spectacular fans. When I arrived my teammates, coaching staff, all the people who work at the Club welcomed us affectionately. Now we've got to get to work, play well and hopefully return to Primera because a Club like Deportivo deserves it."

Salva Ruiz also pointed out Dépor's greatness and admitted that it was "a bit tough to be waiting until the last day, but throughout the summer the Club had shown their interest in me. And that's very important to me, to convince me. From the first moment, I was very interested in coming, but there was another club I belonged to and it was a tricky situation."

The winger claimed his aim was to "take it game by game, focusing on winning each weekend. There should be no other challenge other than giving our all each weekend." "This Club has to be in Primera, yes or yes. Quite recently I was fighting for titles and for the fans, history has to be in Primera next year," he added.

Just over 24 hours before the game against Albacete Balompié on Saturday in ABANCA-RIAZOR (4pm, Movistar LaLiga), Jovanović stated he was "100% ready. If I play, I play, if not I train and that's that." Salva commented that he has been "training his butt off during the whole pre-season in Valencia, playing friendly matches. During this week, my teammates have welcomed me in a great way, so have the coaching staff. I'm prepared for what the coach decides and will do everything I can." Mollejo reminisced that he had had "the European in summer. As soon as I arrived I joined Atlético. I even played the first fixture with the second team. The day before yesterday I played 80 minutes with the U-19 team. Therefore I'm perfectly fine for whatever the coach decides."

Mollejo advised that "Dépor is historic. Every player believes that it's a good place to be and to grow. A great friend that was here for a long time had a lot to do with me being eager to come here. That friend is Óscar Pinchi."

With Salva Ruiz as a clear left-winger, Mollejo explained that "since I was little I learned to play in all the offensive positions. I played on the left with the national team, in my team (Atlético de Madrid B) as a striker. In the first team (Atlético) as a midfielder. I can play in every position and I feel comfortable in all of them." Jovanović pointed out that "I'm most comfortable when I play on the right, but I can play on the left."

Finally, about the clash against Albacete, Salva Ruiz stated that "although all the matches in Second are very equal and are decided in small details, at the ABANCA-RIAZOR we have to be strong and gain the most points possible."