Mosquera urges everyone to “keep our feet on the ground” whilst David Simon highlights the importance of being strong at home

24/11/2018 21:22

Pedro Mosquera and David Simon were the centre of attention in ABANCA-RIAZOR’s mixed zone.

The Dépor captain explained that the state of the pitch, after the heavy rainfall, “conditioned the way we played. It’s important to know how to adapt. We proved that not only are we skilful with the ball, but that we can also get through tough matches where there are lots of tackles.”

On a personal level, he acknowledged “it’s always difficult when you don’t play. I’ve been seeing how well the team’s doing, waiting for the opportunity to play and contribute. I played more minutes at the start of the season. I was playing less now. I feel fortunate to have played today and I felt well.”

Just like Natxo Gonzalez, Mosquera urges everyone to be calm: “This is very long. Things are going really well now. But we have to keep calm, with our feet on the ground. Know that we’re going to have bad moments. We have to be strong in those moments and try to make this good moment last as long as possible.”

David Simon, who will miss the next match due to picking up his fifth yellow today, highlighted that what’s more important than being provisional leaders is, “being there and being strong at the ABANCA-RIAZOR; and without losing, which is very important. We're doing well so far, and we have to carry on like that. We have to try and do what the coach says, remain in that comfort zone, carry on being ambitious. This is the way.”

The Branquiazul wing-back described the match against Osasuna as “complicated because of the weather, with factors that don’t help. We competed well and that’s what we have to focus on."