Natxo González: "Defensively, we cannot let the match slip away after achieving what we achieved”

04/03/2019 23:39

Natxo González stated in ABANCA-RIAZOR’s press room, “it was a pity, especially after turning a game with these characteristics around, which is difficult to do. To let the points slip away like that. We’re disappointed. This is the game. We complained about the lack of effectiveness in the last games. Today we scored twice, and the opposite thing happened; we didn’t concede and today we conceded.”

The Deportivista coach believes his team “played with their hearts, which is important. We were stuck at times. But even so, despite the goals, we generated 3 or 4 very clear chances. The problem is that defensively, we cannot let the match slip away after achieving what we achieved. We must carry on.”

AD Alcorcón coach Cristóbal Parralo, admitted it was “a special match. I worked here for several seasons. Coming back to the ABANCA-RIAZOR was special for me.”

Regarding the match, he said, “We were a brave team who always tried to prowl their box. At certain points, Dépor pressed and we defended as best we could. But in other moments, we combined and created threats.”