Natxo Gonzalez emphasizes that Dépor won “knowing how to suffer when we had to suffer”

25/08/2018 00:30

Natxo Gonzalez emphasized in Francisco de la Hera’s press room that despite not being able to count on Fede Cartabia or Krohn-Dehli, Deportivo’s has an all-round team: “It has to be. The season is very long and there are injuries, suspensions, fitness peaks. We have to be an all-round team if we actually want to get to where we want to be.”

The Deportivista coach insisted that after many years in football, “it's difficult not to suffer. If you don’t end up distancing yourself with the results, the opponents will turn the heat. We had it, and it was our turn to suffer.”

With 4 points out of the 6 played, Natxo Gonzalez believes that “everything can be improved. Today was important. We’ve got many away games. We needed a victory. It occurred today, and I’m happy.”

He also pointed out “today's ground isn’t an easy one. We were able to win a tough game, knowing how to suffer when we had to suffer. Playing when we had to play. It was a pity we didn’t make the most of one of the chances we had so that we could be calmer towards the end.”

The Branquiazul coach stated, “everything seems brighter after a win.”