Natxo Gonzalez is "pleased and excited with the newcomers and with those who have stayed”

31/08/2018 14:27

With the closing of the transfer window, Natxo Gonzalez stated he is “pleased and excited with the newcomers and with those who have stayed. Time to work with what we have. I’m excited. I like it because we have gone hand in hand with bringing people in. The only thing I can convey is that excitement."

Regarding Tenerife, tomorrow’s rival at the Heliodoro Rodriguez Lopez (8:30 pm, LaLiga 1|2|3 TV), the Deportivista coach stated “they are one of the candidates for being among the best like they have been every year. Two years ago they even came close to promoting. They have always proven to be a very powerful team. It is another challenge for us on a difficult pitch.”

That said, he made it clear that he respects Albacete and Extremadura as he does Tenerife: “They’re all going to make it very difficult for us. Of course there is history, which is behind.”

Ahead of the third consecutive away game, he said "it’s not easy to complete the first 3 matches away from the ABANCA-RIAZOR with a new team, with a new coaching staff, with everything practically new. It is a challenge. So far, we were closer to winning in Albacete, but we did it in Extremadura. We have this third match to see if we are able to continue gaining points and present ourselves in our Stadium with good numbers and with the fans happy with our initial results. That’s what we’re looking forward to."

Ahead of tomorrow’s game, Natxo Gonzalez wants the team to "firstly, be as reliable in defence as we have been in these first 2 fixtures.”

However,he acknowledged that in Almendralejo "we lacked effectiveness in the opposite end. We created more chances than in Albacete yet we wasted 2 or 3 good options that we had to seal the match."

In summary, the Deportivista coach emphasized the importance of "dominating the areas. On the one hand you have effectiveness in both areas, and on the other there is efficiency.”

Regarding Carlos Fernandez, he confessed to knowing him well because "last year he gave us hell on the pitch. We know him from a couple of seasons ago. A great progression. He was unlucky because of his injury which happened in a moment where he was riding along with the first team. He is a left-footed striker, another player within the squad. He is quite an all-round player, he has a good aim, and his crosses from the wings are quite powerful. When it comes to combining, he always gives continuity to the game. More competition in this area, which will do us good."

Asked about Didier Moreno, Tuesday’s goal scorer in Ferrol for the Concepcion Arenal Trophy, Natxo Gonzalez replied, "we will try to use him to reach the opposite area, rather than playing in front of our defence. We saw the other day that he reaches the rival’s area well and he can also score. Our intention is for him to play closer to the rival’s box rather than ours.”

Finally, he confirmed that next week "we will appoint captains", since this evening we will have the definitive squad.