Natxo Gonzalez saw a game of two halves

01/09/2018 23:27

Natxo Gonzalez admitted at the Heliodoro Rodriguez Lopez’s press room that in the second half, Tenerife “outplayed us. We were outplayed in many occasions. We couldn’t find what we wanted. They’re a very intense team man-to-man, we already knew that. We had to counter that intensity by moving the ball quickly and making them move into spaces that were better for us. We did it well in the first half, and badly in the second.”

The Deportivista coach stated, “we already knew that in this ground Tenerife demand a lot from the other team. There are many demanding minutes.

After the interval, he confessed “we were expecting them to come out like that. We were unable to find our way out of the situation Tenerife put us in. It’s one of their characteristics.”

He believes that “in 20 seconds you go from being emotional for being in the lead, with everything finished, to that free kick, the equaliser... I know you cannot lose focus until the very last moment, and perhaps we did in that last action.”