Natxo Gonzalez says the penalty and red card “radically changed the game”

18/08/2018 01:17

Deportivo coach, Natxo Gonzalez, stated at the Carlos Belmonte’s press room that “that action, the penalty and the red card, radically changed the game.  We were at their expense in the last minutes. But all in all, we controlled the match. We need to be more effective in the control of the match. I’m satisfied.”

He did not want to give his opinion on the referee’s decision, “there are images that show whether it’s a penalty or not. I don’t think it is from where I’m standing. The players are angry but that’s what there is. There's no going back and that’s it.”

He admitted leaving the Carlos Belmonte “slightly disappointed because we had it under control. We knew we were going to suffer in the last minutes, that they were going to put great players on with our centre-backs and play direct football. We had an option to counter that. Everything went haywire with that action. They draw, and you’re one man down. It’s difficult to set the game on the right path and the only thing you can do is defend and for the game to finish like that.”

After the first official 90 minutes of the season, the Deportivista coach concluded, “we’re growing in many things. There’s obviously still a lot left.”

Regarding Deportivo’s latest signing, Vicente Gomez, he said “he’s a good reinforcement. He’s a player we wanted.” “It's good news,” he added.