Natxo Gonzalez: “The fans are fundamental, and we all need each other to achieve the objective”

23/08/2018 12:56

Natxo Gonzalez stated in Abegondo’s press room this afternoon that Deportivo “are working well and as always, expecting to compete so that our daily good sensations are reflected in the competition. With 3 points if possible.”

The Deportivista coach believes that on one hand the result “is what you end up with, but there is also how. It’s about how we develop, how we understand what the best way is to achieve results; continue improving those things we believe we can improve.”

He confirmed that Didier Moreno and Vicente “are ready because they’re on the team sheet” for Friday’s match at the Francisco de la Hera in Almendralejo (10 pm, LaLiga 1|2|3 TV). “We have several options in the midfield. Krohn-Dehli is out because of his match-ban. Let's see what we do. They lack automatisms compared to the rest regarding what we want in defence and in attack. They had to be picked because we were already on the ropes in some positions, and with Krohn-Dehli’s ban they’re necessary.”

Regarding recently promoted Extremadura, Dépor’s rival, he commented “they look very intense at home, very strong on the second ball, a good ground, with their crowd backing them up. Cheering them on. We’re going to witness a nice atmosphere which benefits them. Once again, a complicated match.”

Natxo Gonzalez insisted “we have to value every fixture. What’s important is reaching the last 8 or 10 fixtures in good conditions. But you have to get there with points and you have to achieve the points on the pitch. Matchweek 2 is as important as Matchweek 38. As time goes by you have less margin and the points gain more importance. You have to in a good position to get to the end, and to be in a good position you have to gain points.”

He is aware that throughout the competition “winning causes excitement but if you don’t win, it’s the complete opposite. We will try to win for our fans to be happy, so that when we return to the ABANCA-RIAZOR they’ll be behind us. The fans are fundamental, and we all need each other to achieve the objective.”

Finally, the Branquiazul coach confirmed that Dani Gimenez will be tomorrow’s goalkeeper in Almendralejo. Nonetheless, despite admitting it is a special position, he said that throughout the season “I will change the goalkeeper if I have to.”