Natxo Gonzalez wants "the calmest match possible" in Alcorcon tomorrow

14/09/2018 14:14

Deportivista coach, Natxo González, believes that Alcorcon, Dépor’s rival tomorrow in Santo Domingo (8 pm, LaLiga 1|2|3 TV) "is a Second Division classic. At home, they’re always a strong team, very intense, very aggressive, compact. Personally, it’s always been a ground where I’ve suffered quite a bit.”

He explained that the Madrid side "have more or less kept last year’s base. It’s quite a recognisable team, with a new coach,” referring to former DeportivistaCristobal Parralo.

He expects a match in which the rival "is going to press a lot. It’s going to be a match with a lot of second ball actions, dead-ball situations. It’s a ground that requires a lot of focus because they’re a team that push you back and we have to be able to get it to be the calmest match possible.”

He does not agree that Santo Domingo’s dimensions are smaller: "It gives you the impression that it’s a small ground, because of the stands, because the crowd are close. The last times I was there, I saw its dimensions and it’s not smaller than other grounds.”

He believes the fact the team are undefeated in the league is very important: "Making points is important here and that’s our idea. We know how difficult it is, but we’re prepared.”

In his opinion, the squad is "fine. Christian’s arrival up front gives us more alternatives. We were a bit limited there. It favours the way we manage our forwards. The squad is fine and waiting to see how it responds in the competition.”

He also gave away that he would be varying the line-up, "during a week of so many continuous matches. But the team is the same. I don’t want to separate one team from the other (league and cup). We’re still Dépor, and whoever plays, the team’s idea is the same.”

Regarding last Wednesday’s first half in Zaragoza, he admitted "you have to give the highest performance throughout the most minutes. It wasn’t a bad performance (the first half) although we lacked depth in attack. But that doesn’t worry me much.”

After 5 official matches (4 league 1 Copa), Natxo pointed out that Deportivo is already "a recognisable team, that we want to watch. From there on, we have to continue and carry on improving many aspects: mainly attacking automatisms.”