Natxo Gonzalez warns "we have to be patient and manage every aspect at all times"

09/11/2018 20:47

Natxo Gonzalez expect tomorrow's game at the ABANCA-RIAZOR against Real Oviedo (8:30 pm, Gol and LaLiga 1|2|3 TV) to be "uncomfortable. It may be tough. We have to be patient and manage every aspect at all times."

The Deportivista coach highlighted that the Asturian side is "intense. One of their virtues is their intensity, their aggressiveness. It's Anquela's team, which we all know. They're very intense teams, with strong man-to-man marking, that press a lot as soon as the lose the ball."

Sooner or later, Oviedo "is going to be up there. The fact that they're not there now does not mean they don't have possibilities or potential to be there in the future. They've always been there fighting in those positions (promotion play-offs) and they're going to continue doing so."

He urges everyone to keep their emotions under control as Oviedo "will bring a significant number of supporters, something we haven't experienced yet this season. It's going to be a more beautiful game, with a more exciting atmosphere, between two good teams. It's always motivating when the opponent brings 2000 or 3000 people with them."

With Dépor in fourth position, he confessed he is in no hurry to occupy the first two spots: "Not particularly. It's good to be there. Further up or down, whilst the difference in points is narrow, you know that you can leap from one position to the other at any moment. Our objective is to carry on with our progress in terms of performance level. We're not too bothered about the position in that sense."

Asked about Carlos Fernandez being called for Spain's U21 side, Natxo said, "we're happy he's been called. On the other hand, we cannot count on him (Almeria, Monday 19th). Looking at it selfishly, it takes the piss. We have to accept it. We've been claiming for a long time that Second Division should also pause when the national teams play. But anyway... We have no other choice but to accept it and look for solutions."

Regarding Krohn-Dehli, who received the all-clear today, he stated that tomorrow "it's going be difficult for him to compete so many minutes from the start. He's physically fine injury-wise."

Also asked about Fede Cartabia, who was given the all-clear last week, but did not travel to Las Palmas, the Branquiazul coach would like him to "have continuity. He's been ruled out due to injury fifty-something days since we began the pre-season. It's very difficult for him to be regular in that sense. We need him to be fit and regular in order to give us what he can give." "He is emotionally fine. He was down when he got injured (in Tarragona). As all of the rest, he's very excited and enthusiastic. It was a setback, but he's also a player that turns the tables quickly to get better as soon as possible," he added.

Regarding his recent suspension in Cordoba, the Branquiazul coach assured he has changed: "I promised myself these last 15 days that I wouldn't get angry anymore."

He said, "it's hard watching the games from up there even though you have a brilliant view. You see many things that you don't see when you're down there. We're back in our places from now on."

He thinks it is strange that Deportivo have had so many banned players and coaches at this stage of the season: "I don't think it's logical. We're good people so it stands out. We have to try and avoid it as much as possible... We must control our state of mind which at times is difficult. We have to do a little more on our behalf."

He did not want to waste his time talking about the Competion Committee's latest decisions, for example with Malaga CF: "I'm surprised, just as you may be (referring to the journalist that asked the question) or anyone in general. They're decisions that have been made and that's that. I'm not interested in whether Malaga's done this or done that. I have enough on my own plate."