Natxo Gonzalez was “very satisfied with the team’s maturity”

24/09/2018 23:39

After tonight's encounter against Granada at the ABANCA-RIAZOR, Natxo Gonzalez stated in the press room that he was “very satisfied with the team's maturity and the way they have reacted after a defeat,” referring to last Saturday in Alcorcon.

Despite the second consecutive home win, the Deportivista coach recalled, “there is always room for improvement.” “I insist that there is still a lot of improvement to be made in attack and we will continue working on that, without losing reliability in defence,” he emphasized.

In his opinion, “we're progressing step by step, and at the same time we have to generate results, so that those steps gain weight and generate confidence.”

Granada's coach, Diego Martinez, congratulated Dépor: “We knew we were coming to a complicated ground, a very strong rival, who could beat us at the slightest mistake.”

He believes that in the first half “both teams had their moments. None of us wanted to make mistakes. I didn’t like the way my team attacked. We found it hard to reach the opponent’s area. And those 2 or 3 chances they had came from actions where we lost the ball in a one-on-one.”

According to the Galician coach, the away side tried more in the second half: “From that moment, the team began well, we tried to reach their box more, we were more at ease. We lacked the strength and precision of other times. And then the penalty tipped the balance. You leave more spaces and they generate more danger with people that had come on. In the end we scored the goal that puts you back in the game, and we didn’t stop fighting. I’m proud of my team for that.”