Natxo Gonzalez: “We are Dépor but we’re not better than anyone else”

16/08/2018 13:53

Faced with the upcoming start of the league competition, tomorrow, in Albacete (10 pm, Gol), Natxo Gonzalez stated that "there are 10, 12, 14 teams that are thinking about starting well and their final objective being among the best.  There are many candidates.”

The Deportivista coach set the final objective of “being among the best. There’s a long and complicated road towards that objective. There will be a lot of bends and stones to dodge along the way.”

He hopes “the team finishes building the squad and continues growing. We are aware that we're Dépor but we’re not better than anyone else. We cannot think we’re better than anyone else. One of the values the group has selected is humility. And we are going to go to every pitch, home and away, with that humility.”

Natxo Gonzalez is aware that clubs, press, etc., will consider Dépor as one of the rivals to beat: “I understand that from the outside they’re taking into account the Club’s history, the name of the Club. On the inside, I will always try to be humble, with my feet on the ground in the good moments and balanced in the bad. That’s the secret and we’re going to fight for it.”

He warned that “the team is still pretty green. It doesn’t mean we're not prepared to compete tomorrow. In some positions we’re cutting it a bit fine. It’s about growing. The thing is we have to contribute to this growth. Therein lies the heart of the matter.”

Along these lines, he joked “I wouldn’t mind having another month of pre-season: to be calmer, more relaxed faces, without pressure because of the results... I wouldn’t have minded 3 more months of pre-season. It’s now time to compete.”

He described Branquiazul newcomer, Didier Moreno, who is still waiting to undergo a medical, the following way: “He has a different profile to what we have. He is a box-to-box player, very intense.” “He can play as a defensive midfielder as well as on the wings,” he added.

Regarding the squad, the Deportivista coach said “as players leave, someone has to come. Celso left, and we’ve already replaced him with another player. That will continue happening until the 31st of August and this all finishes. The idea is to have 2 per position. Now we have to wait for those to leave to see those that come.”

Asked about Albacete, Dépor’s first rival, Natxo Gonzalez highlighted “they always try to progess with the ball in attack. They have a lot of resources from the midfield up, with Zozulia, Ortuño... The wings with Vela, Acuña, Susaeta... They have top skilful players. Therefore, it’s going to be a difficult match, as they’re all going to be.”