Natxo: "We have a burden of responsibility that stops us from giving our best"

22/03/2019 23:39

Natxo González stated after tonight's match that UD Almería are "confident, have no pressure whereas we are anxious to win and gain victories, were undecisive, technically uncomfortable in the midfield and passing. I've experienced this situation before and I know it's not easy to get out of. The solution is to carry on working."

The Deportivista coach admitted he is worried about the team's current situation, "but I also know it's not the first time this happens to me and it won't be the last. I know it's not easy, with the extra objectives we have."

He believes that "despite having experienced players from higher competitions, in moments like these, we're all human. We have a burden of responsibility that stops us from giving our best on the pitch. Attitude, pace...but without enjoying the game, which is the point of all of this in the end."

Along these lines, Natxo is beginning to question whether the ABANCA-RIAZOR has become a problem for Dépor: "It's not helping us. You have more responsibility because you want to please your crowd, give them something to be happy about. This can happen. We have to get used to it. Before the match we knew if things went well we'd have their support. If things don't go well, it's the opposite. There are loads of people that help us but many that don't. This is the game. It's logical from a fan or spectator point of view. We have to live with that."

On the other hand, Francisco J. Fernández Díaz, UD Almería's coach, believes his team "lacked end-product. the team played extremely well throughout 85 minutes, they gave their all. We were a little superior even if the match was level, but we didn't finish it off."