Natxo: “We work for the fans with the aim of giving them points as a present and what better day than tomorrow”

05/01/2019 19:02

Natxo González spoke to the press ahead of the Dépor-Lugo derby tomorrow at 5:30pm.

About the 20 players chosen for tomorrow's game, Natxo stated, “I’ve decided to take 20 without analysing today’s training session and I will solve all doubts in the next 24 hours, but there’s nothing out of the normal.” Asked about what system he was going to use to play, he replied: “We now have two possibilities, to play with the new one or the old one, but we will go back to what we have always done without ignoring that we have other options.”

Regarding CD Lugo, he said, “I always highlight the best things about or rivals, I always think every one of them is great. They’re doing well, they always achieve short results away, they concede few goals and they find it difficult to score, thus, they always have the possibility of gaining points. They’ve found a balance and their strong points are that after recovering the ball they attack well using space, they're fast, they always try to build up play from the back and they dominate several styles.”

Asked about Fede Cartabia, the Branquiazul coach explained the following: “The reason he isn’t having such a main role is obviously because of his physical problems. Now we have to try and find a way for him to have continuity, be available to show everything he has in him. Find a balance where his anxiety to play, help and compete doesn’t overcome him. He’s not going to voluntarily stop therefore we have to measure the time, the load, the minutes and he has to communicate with us to try and control it.”

He also spoke of the other players that do not play as much: “I make the decisions based on whether they are fit to play and not taking into account whether they haven’t been picked as much. But nobody has told me that there are unhappy people here or that they wish to leave. When one isn’t chosen, their day to day is more difficult, but they still contribute even though they are unhappier. Nobody has complained, we have always highlighted the team’s professionalism. Now the clock is ticking, we need people that contribute, because we have a very ambitious objective, and the ones that are here need to be emotionally strong.” Referring to the January transfer window, he said, “the only thing is if there are players that leave, we must bring someone in their place to level it out. Everything can be improved, but we’re happy and we’re going to carry on.”

Natxo González acknowledged that this is not the best moment of the season: “There are moments when things stagnate or even slump, but it’s natural, it's not a constant progression that permanently rises. Perhaps something has happened now, I don’t know whether we’ve stagnated or if it’s a setback, but it’s true we’ve conceded more than normal, we’ve lost that reliability. There’s something that tells us this isn’t our best moment, but it's natural. This was foreseeable and what we have to try and do is make sure that these stagnating moments aren’t as noticeable. When you’re not in your best moment individually, this affects the group. From my position, I have to anticipate these imbalances and try and get them to affect the group’s performance as little as possible.” Nonetheless, he stated, “we work for the fans with the aim of giving them points as a present and what better day than tomorrow, the day of the Three Kings.”

Finally, asked whether tomorrow’s game is a new challenge, he replied, “it’s always a test and challenge, and we’re coming from a huge defeat. The ability we have as a team to respond to an adverse situation is fundamental as a group.”