Natxo: We’re very tough on ourselves and we want to find the way to improve to have more of a chance of winning

01/12/2018 14:27

Natxo Gonzalez, despite hoping that they “continue earning points away from ABANCA-RIAZOR” in Abegondo’s press room this morning, stated that “we’re very tough on ourselves and we want to find the way to improve to have more of a chance of winning. But not because we’re worried about the result because I repeat: only one defeat in all our away games isn’t easy in this category. We’re the second best team playing away."

Deportivo’s coach insisted that “we’re very self-demanding and we want to see which way we’ll have more chances of winning; specially after the last few games against Almeria; Cordoba, which was a strange match; even against Las Palmas It’s the only thing in our minds that we have to improve to have more of a chance of winning."

That said, he is not surprised with the level of demand: "That demand is well understood and it’s not a bad thing, We know where we are and what our aims are. The important thing is knowing how to handle the demands we set on the inside."

About Rayo Majadahonda, tomorrow’s rival (12 pm, LaLiga 1|2|3 TV), Natxo stated that it is “a team who try to progress well with the ball. They like having the possession. They have a lot of energy, they move well when they recover the ball. They dominate different areas and it’s a pleasant surprise for me in this category. The personality they have, their self-confidence, moving quickly… In my opinión, it’s a good team and they’ve surprised me in a good way.” He predicted that “it’ll be a match where both teams want possession."

When asked about the right-wing, vacant due to David Simon’s sanction, the coach stated that Gerard Valentin and Eneko Boveda would be fighting for that spot: "Either of them can adapt. Eneko has played the wing a lot although lately he’s playin as a centre-back. Depending on the type of match tomorrow, one of them will play."