Our History: 90th Anniversary 1st Official title, 1927 Galician Championship

06/02/2017 10:59

90 years ago, on the 6 February 1927, Deportivo won their first ever Galician Championship title, beating Celta de Vigo 2-1 in Parque de Riazor, with two matches left to end the season. It was the first of the six Regional Championships that the team conquered; they repeated success in 1928, 1931, 1933, 1937 and 1940. For this reason, it’s also the first Official Title (championships which are recognised by a regional or national federation) that shines in the Club’s glass cabinets.

Deportivo reinforced the squad for the 1926-1927 season with various signings of players from teams from Pontevedra. The midfielder Fernando Fariña came from Eiriña, and wore his beret together with the blue and white shirt for almost a decade.

Two of their best assets arrived from Pontevedra Athlétic, the defender Ramón Rey and the versatile Juan Rodríguez “Redondela”, who soon became the boss in Dépor’s midfield. Furthermore, left-inside forward Ciriaco Moreira Cons “Chaco” (not to be mistaken with Eduardo González Valiño “Chacho”, who began to make history with Deportivo shortly after) was signed from Cultural Leonesa.

Félix Gila was the coach who no longer counted on classic players from previous years such as the defender Abelardo, the right midfielder José María, or the left winger Leonardo. However, he kept two of the best players, the defender José Luís Otero and the striker or right-winger Ramón González, both Olympic runners-up with the Spanish National Squad in 1920.

Five teams took part in the thirteenth edition of the Galician A Series Championship: Deportivo, Racing de Ferrol, Eiriña and two teams from Vigo, Celta and Unión Sporting. Pontevedra Athlétic, the sixth team, pulled out before the competition began, which was played in a four-round league format. It was the first time that you had to play more than 10 matches in order to become Champion: 16 in total.

Despite drawing on two occasions in the first round (0-0 in el Inferniño against Racing and 1-1 in Coia against Celta), Deportivo was very solid at home, where they only let Celta gain one point, in the last match of the second round (1-1). Thousands of supporters from A Coruña travel with the team for their first match in Ferrol. According to chronicles from that time, 1,800 travelled by sea, aboard the “Florinda” ship.

The third match, on 24 October, was their first home game. Deportivo beat Eiriña (5-0) in a clash where the Blue-and-Whites performed in a new Parque de Riazor. The articles from that day, describe a Parque de Riazor “already transformed into a Stadium of international dimensions” and the “launching of Riazor Stadium”. Really, it was the old Esclavas pitch with a renewed image. It was the first match Deportivo played on a field with its perimeter surrounded by stands.

In the third and fourth rounds, Deportivo widened the gap with its rivals: 1-2 against Eiriña, 0-2 against Racing, 6-0 against Unión Sporting, 6-1 against Racing...During their eleventh encounter in Vigo against Celta, again, they suffer their first defeat (4-3). A curious fact about the fourteenth match which is worth remembering, is that Deportivo thrashed Eiriña in Riazor (11-0) and finished the game with only four players, as the rest of the players abandoned the pitch for different reasons, one of them being the extremely bad weather conditions.

In the following game, Parque de Riazor was packed full of supporters waiting for a match that was like a final. Deportivo were leaders with 23 points, and Celta were second with 18. Although there were two matches left, Celta needed the victory to close the gap between them and Deportivo, the latter only having one match left. Chaco scored the opener and put Deportivo ahead. Rogelio drew for Celta but Vázquez, the striker from Ferrol who also achieved a Silver Olympic Medal in 1920, scored Deportivo’s winner; two points and the Title was Dépor’s. The starting XI for Deportivo were: Isidro; Luís Otero, Rey; Viar, Redondela, Fariña; Guillermo, Vázquez, Ramón, Chaco and Alonso. Celta’s line-up was: Lilo; Cabezo, Pasarín; Hermida, Cárdenes, Barril; Pinilla, Polo, Rogelio, Chicha and Reigosa.

Goalkeeper: Isidro (16 matches /-12 goals).
Defenders: Rey (16), Luís Otero (15) and Villar (1).
Midfielders: Redondela (16/7 goals), Fariña (15/1), Pombo (7), Viar (4) and Chicho (3/2).
Forwards: Guillermo (16/3), Chaco (15/11), Ramón (15/13), Alonso (14/5), Chiarroni (9/1), Pereiro (7/7) and Vázquez (7/6).