Our lads are satisfied with the performance despite being out of the Cup

30/11/2017 00:15

Borja Valle, One and Pedro Mosquera spoke to the press in the Estadio Gran Canaria’s mixed zone.

The Deportivista forward stated that “we’re leaving happy. We came with a very large difference and we had options right to the very end.”

On a personal note, after scoring a brace tonight, he confessed he was “very happy. Football is about this, you have a chance and you have to try and make the most of it; it’s true that the nerves are on the inside, it’s been a while since I last played.”

Fabrilista One, who debuted as a centre-back next to Schär, also spoke to the press, and highlighted having felt “very comfortable. My teammates have helped me very much, on and off the pitch. I felt like one more in the team, doing what I’ve been doing in Fabril.”

“I was hoping to get my chance, I got it and I tried making the most of it,” the Branquiazul centre-back added.

Finally, Pedro Mosquera (Dépor’s captain) speaking about the 2-3 at the end said that “we didn’t give up. We knew there was a match left; we had to give our all. It was a pity because we did a good job and in the end we weren’t compensated by qualifying.”

The Coruña midfielder concluded that from tonight’s match “we can see a lot of positives except for having been eliminated.”