Pedro Mosquera believes that the team, with the fans’ help, are going to get through this

28/10/2017 14:21

Deportivo’s captain, Pedro Mosquera, was the centre of attention in Abegondo this morning. The local lad played his first minutes in the Copa match last Thursday, after coming back from a muscular injury. “I felt physically well. I’m gaining pace. On a personal level I’m happy to have played after having been out for so long”, he said.

He stated that Cristóbal “knows that he has little time to work. He's focusing on mistakes, details in attack as well as defence. He is trying to polish them. In that sense he detects our mistakes very well and he’s correcting them.”

Regarding the copa match, Mosquera highlighted that “the other day, the second half showed us that if we do what we have to do, we can harm Las Palmas. We harmed them with one man down, playing in the same conditions, we can harm them.”

The Coruña midfielder however, believes “we have to be self-critical. We can’t pin the blame on others. We have to know that each one of us is responsible in some way.” He highlighted that “the team was affected by the other day’s defeat, more the image we gave than the defeat, the details throughout the match. It’s what we’ve said, it won’t happen again. We’re beginning from scratch, with a new coach. We’re going to come out stronger. It’s better this happens now at the beginning of the season and not further on,” he added.

Pedro Mosquera assured “there's a really good group. We’re all friends. In that sense, we’re better.”

According to Dépor’s skipper, the way to improve is “for everyone to be united. See what each one of us can improve, and not look at the person next to us, and try to do our best. The dressing room is going to get through this, the team is going to get through this. I’m sure that the team, with the fans’ help, are going to get through this and have a good season.”

For Monday’s match against UD Las Palmas, at the Estadio Gran Canaria (9 pm, Bein LaLiga), he urged the team to “be focused, try not to concede any goals at the start of the match and from then on, become more confident. The players are working well.”