Pedro Mosquera believes that “this year we will leap forward and be calmer”

07/07/2017 20:53

Pedro Mosquera, one of Deportivo’s captains last season, spoke to the press in Abegondo this morning: Just like Pepe Mel yesterday, he said “it’s clear the we have to improve from last season. We're on that”, he stressed.

Along these lines, he believes that “this year we will leap forward and be calmer, especially at the end of the season”.

The local midfielder stated that during these first sessions “the sensations are very good. People are focused from the very first day and the training sessions are light, fun, and very demanding”.

He confessed he is concerned about Fede Valverde's adaptation (this season's first reinforcement): “I gave him my number yesterday. I’m from here and I can help. He's a good guy and he's going to adapt really well”. Footballistically, he said “from the few things I’ve seen of him with the ball, he has potential. He could be a player that helps us a lot”.

Regarding Lucas’ arrival, Mosquera thinks that “he is a great player that gave us a lot the previous years. It could be a good signing, but we know it's very difficult”.

Referring to his former teammates Lux and Laure, Pedro Mosquera highlighted that “people are very grateful for everything they did here. Because I have been with them these past two years, I can say they gave their all for the Club. It’s a pity because they are people I’m very fond of. They are friends and it's a pity they’ve left. Football's like that. There are moments when you have to leave, for some reason or another”.

He admitted he would be thrilled if he were first captain: “Anyone from A Coruña who is told they could be Dépor's captain, would be delighted, but we know this matter hasn’t been dealt with so we don’t know who are going to be the captains. I don’t know how they are going to be chosen. If I have to represent the first team of my city both on and off the pitch, I will try and do it the best possible way”.

On a personal note, he explained that his holidays had two stages: “The first was to disconnect a bit. And these last few days I trained and did what the Club told us to do with Iago Iglesias, who played for Dépor’s first team and who helped me a lot. I’ve come back with an ideal body fat percentage, weight, everything. Excited to do well this season”.