Pedro Mosquera stated, “We lost the match because of a non-existent penalty”

01/04/2018 23:48

Raul Albentosa and Pedro Mosquera spoke to the press in Wanda Metropolitano’s mixed zone. 

The Deportivista centre-back acknowledged “in the end we work really hard. We spent two weeks preparing this match. We lose it because of an unfortunate action. Not just because of that action, because we had chances to score and we didn't.”

He admitted that the result is damaging: “We’ve had a very damaging season. We’re the ones that play so we have to have a clear head and carry on. Until the end. It’s going to be difficult, we’re not dumb. But we’re not going to stop trying to achieve what I believe we deserved matches ago. And we’re not achieving it.”

He insisted, “we’re working, as well as physically and tactically, mentally too. Psychologically I’m fine to carry on. But these blows last at least a day.”

Pedro Mosquera believes “we played quite well, we played a great match. We generated many opportunities but, in the end, we lost the match because of a non-existent penalty.”

He described the action: “it’s a struggle between Saul and me. He grabs me first, then we struggle. I grab him a little but not enough to give a penalty.”

The Deportivista captain believes “the team today gave their all, we tried to equalise until the end of the match. We even had chances to win. If we play like that we're going to achieve quite a few points. But we can’t live off sensations and we have to achieve results.”