Pedro Mosquera thinks that “we have to be a family in the second round.”

17/01/2018 20:55

Deportivo captain, Pedro Mosquera, stated that, in the second round which begins on Sunday against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu (4:15 pm, Bein LaLiga), “we have to begin with a clear mind. We have to try and do a good second round in order to correct mistakes from the first and stay in First Division.”

In the local midfielder’s opinion, “we have a series of matches where we have to become stronger, specially at the Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR. We have to achieve multiple victories one after the other. That’ll be the key.”

Mosquera added that, “if we correct those small mistakes that have cost us a lot during the first round, the second can be good. There has to be a change. We have to change for the better in the second round, continue correcting everything possible and achieve numerous victories.”

He believes that the mistakes that have been spoken about are due to “focus. Those details make a difference between gaining points and not gaining them. It’s due to focus. I don't believe it’s due to attitude. We have to be in the game and correct the small mistakes that give and take away points.”

He insisted that in the second round of the competition, “it has to keep us together, working in the same direction and trying to do a good second round.”

He highlighted that, “in the last two matches we only gained one point. They were tough rivals but there were moments, stages of the match, where the team played at a very good level. We have to hold on to those minutes and try and prolong them for a longer time and try to keep our goal at zero. From there on, we have to try and achieve as many points possible.”

Mosquera pointed out to the fans that “in the second round, we have to be a family, us, fans, and even you. We have to work in the same direction. It’s going to be good for all of us to stick together. In that sense, we can't ask our fans for more because they're always there, they’re the ones who support us. The more together we are and the more positive we are, much better.”

In fact, he understands the fans' disappointment with the team: “It’s been many years suffering. It’s tough on the fans. What we have to do is a good second round and people will feel proud of their team.”

He is realistic stating that, “the competition has put us in the position we're in now. We have the whole second round to change that. We're 2 points away from not relegating. We have many matches ahead, we depend on ourselves. That’s what we have to worry about.”

On a personal level, he remembered his last performances as a starter (against Villarreal and Valencia), “I’ve improved. I’m getting rhythm and I’m feeling a bit better each time.”

About Sunday’s match against Real Madrid, Dépor's number ‘5’ said that, “the key is not to concede any goals in the first few minutes so that they feel rushed. It’s been a while since they win in the Bernabeu, we have to play with that.”