Pedro Mosquera will be named 'Pirata de Honra' tomorrow at the premiere of #ONOSOBUS

14/12/2017 17:44

Deportivo captain, Pedro Mosquera, will be named ‘Pirata de Honra’ tomorrow at 8:30 pm in the Sala del Voluntariado of Muxia Council, an award given each year by the Peña Deportivista Piratas de Muxia, one of the most active of A Costa da Morte.

The town of Muxia will also serve as an incomparable setting for the presentation of the new image of #ONOSOBUS. In order to do this, the bus in which the Branquiazuis go to the games will be in the mentioned Coruña town tomorrow at 3:00 pm, so that it can also be visited by the sports fans of the region.

Furthermore, #ONOSOBUS will have a small DéporTienda inside in which fans may purchase any official RC Deportivo product.