Pepe Mel: "Every one of us at the Club has to try and make next season different to this one"

19/05/2017 20:28

Pepe Mel stated in Abegondo’s press room this morning that “we owe the people. We have one game at least to try and pay that debt”, referring to tomorrow’s home game against UD Las Palmas at 7 pm (Bein Sports).

He understands the criticism received from the fans: “The spectator reacts according to what he sees. This has to prod us to improve, to work more at every level of the Club, for things to turn out better. That’s how willing everyone is, to live to their demands”.

He confessed that after the Villarreal match, in which Deportivo was mathematically saved from relegation, “we have begun to work on the future. The project I was presented with was not for three months, it had more of a future, an attractive future, a future to try and do things well. From this Monday onwards we will begin to discuss names. From Monday onwards the Sports Director will be the centre of attention, not me”.

The objective is for “next season to be different to this one. We all agree on that, fans, Chairman, Sports Director, coach, and of course, the players who know that Deportivo cannot be satisfied with just saving itself one match before the season ends. We all have to have pursue better and higher things.

He insisted that “Deportivo’s objective cannot be to save itself in the last match. I understand Dépor fans, those who have supported the team for many years and live it, not being happy with this. That’s why our duty is to receive the message. We would be deaf and very bad professionals if we didn’t listen to the people who are lighting the way, our people”.

Along these lines, he insisted that everyone of us at the Club has to try and make next season different to this one. I want to work starting now for the future to be much better. You can learn from the past, which is what we must do”.

He pointed out that “we all understand the fans. I’m not a weirdo. We all know we’re in debt with them. A spectator that buys a ticket or that goes to see a show, reacts according to what he sees. The message is clear. They didn’t like what they saw. It's the Club that has to react to this”.

Moreover, he thinks the fans are disappointed because “they expected a Dépor with a more important role in the league. I’m an ambitious professional and we want all those who come here to have the same ambition for a better future. It’s a project we’re starting to build now, with what we have as its base, trying to increase the level of things that failed, and pay back that debt we owe them”.

He insisted “the fans’ message is loud and clear. It's easy to understand. They only want us to improve what we’ve been giving. Without a doubt, Deportivo is not at the level it deserves”.

Regarding tomorrow’s game, the last of the season, Pepe Mel confirmed that goalkeeper Davy Roef will debut in his first official match since arriving on loan from Anderlecht, and that Laure will play in defence.

Pepe Mel also explained that the team will go off on holidays once the game ends, and if there are no changes, they will return to work on Wednesday 5 July.

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