Pepe Mel: I want a serious Dépor, one that competes, that generates chances

18/08/2017 17:06

Pepe Mel assured in today’s press conference in Abegondo, that on Sunday, at the Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR, against Real Madrid, “we are going to work, play with spirit, and play our style of game. And above all, make Real Madrid think about the back. If Real Madrid only thinks about the front, they will enjoy it and have a pleasurable night”.

He recalled that Real Madrid will arrive in Coruña “having won three official matches, two official tournaments and competing at a top level”.

He highlighted that “if there is a value that Deportivo has as a Club, it’s the loyalty of the people that go to Riazor, the loyalty of even those that don’t go. They’ve demonstrated this not just now, but those times when Deportivo was in second division. We cannot ask anything from them. On the contrary; we are in debt with the people and let's hope that this year they can congratulate us”.

Pepe Mel stated that what he wants is “for the people to feel proud of the team once the game is finished, even if they’ve lost. I’m sure that if people are proud of the team, we are not going to lose”.

He also assured that he is only focused on Sunday's match and not on next Saturday’s away game against Levante: “You know what it would mean for the Club’s self-esteem, and for everyone’s self-esteem, to win just one point from Real Madrid. And a message that this Dépor is taking the league seriously. That's what I’m drumming into the players’ heads”.

Along these lines, he wants “a serious Dépor, one that generates chances, that makes them go deep, that makes them worry about Keylor Navas’ goal”.

He confirmed that Rubén will be the goalkeeper for the first match of the league, and he also referred to Lucas Pérez: “The Chairman has told me I can count on him and I have no other option but to believe it, because he’s demonstrated that when he wants something, he gets it”.

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