Pepe Mel: "On behalf of the players and myself, thank you to all our fans"

14/05/2017 23:12

Minutes after securing their position in ‘Primera’, Pepe Mel dedicated his first words in La Cerámica Stadium’s press room to all the Dépor supporters: "First of all, I would like to thank the supporters who have come and our supporters in A Coruña. Since I’ve arrived, they have given us their support in very crucial moments, really bad moments, and times where we’ve performed really badly. And they’ve always been there. Therefore, on behalf of the players and myself, thank you to all our fans”.

The Deportivista coach was pleased for having achieved the objective: "It was thanks to us. We did many things to draw and few to win because we found it hard to attack. We gained one point by ourselves, no matter what Sporting did".

After securing the spot in LaLiga Santander, he confessed that "The staff and I felt peace and calm after gaining the objective we were marked. But we are ambitious. Being in Dépor should mean to only be in a Dépor that can look at the standings with more ease".

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