Pepe Mel saw “only positive things today” and Javier Cabello regrets the goal just before the interval

20/09/2017 23:42

Pepe Mel stated in the press room that “everything was positive today. Yesterday, we had the negative side, which was Adrián’s injury”.

The Deportivista coach highlighted some aspects of the win against Alavés such as, “keeping a clean sheet, it's important. Three points, important. I think we played well, we generated football, we generated goal-scoring chances. Players that have accumulated minutes, which is important because we are going to need them in the near future. Everything was positive for us today”.

Pepe Mel concluded that this triumph, the first for Deportivo this season, “gives us two days’ peace to prepare for the match in Barcelona (against Espanyol on Sunday at 12 pm, at the RCDE Stadium)”:

He explained, “we knew for sure we couldn’t allow Alavés to counter-attackl. We couldn’t let our guard down. We had to develop the match It lasted 95 minutes. If you revise your notes, their first attempt is in the 43rd minute thanks to a shot by Munir. Then they took a corner-kick and shot, and they didn’t have any more. We did what we had to do, which was to develop the match. At the end, we had the chance to score the second goal three or four times.
That was a pity. If we had increased the scoreline, we would not have suffered until the end.

Alaves’ coach, Javier Cabello, stated, “we did well in the first half, we’ve moved a step forward. We were a daring team, who has looked to attack to try and create problems. We did quite well. But we were unfortunate enough to concede a goal in stoppage time”.

The Alavesista coach believes that “we were a little hasty and unorganised in the second half. But the team was very dignified and brave. They did not give anything away”.

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